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The Flemish Institute for Technological research (Belgium), is a renowned European research centre in the field of Energy, Environment and sustainable materials management that has already developed Ecodesign Directive Preparatory studies as input to the development of implementing measures for several product groups for the European Commission and advises regional and federal Belgian authorities on green public procurement policy and criteria devel-opment and life cycle analysis.

Fraunhofer ISI
Fraunhofer ISI

Fraunhofer ISI

The Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research (Fraunhofer ISI) is a research institute of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e. V., the leading organization for applied research in Europe. Fraunhofer ISI was founded in 1972 and it complements the natural science and technology-oriented spectrum of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft with studies at the interface between technology, economy and society. Today, Fraunhofer ISI employs about 300 staff members, among them scientists from the fields of natural sciences, engineering, economics and social sciences who each year work on about 400 research projects. The annual budget, 32 million euro in 2021, is mainly earned from contracts performed for national and international public bodies, for in-dustry and for foundations and scientific organizations. 


Framework Contract Manager: Tatiana Pasquel Garcia (VITO)

Technical Team Leader: Tim Hettesheimer (Fraunhofer ISI)

  1. Ecodesign preparatory study (VITO)
    Task 1 – Scope (Lead: VITO);
    Task 2 – Markets (Lead: Fraunhofer ISI);
    Task 3 – Users (Lead: Fraunhofer ISI);
    Task 4 – Technologies (Lead: VITO);
    Task 5 – Environment & Economics (Lead: VITO);
    Task 6 – Design options (Lead: VITO);
    Task 7 – Scenarios (Lead: Fraunhofer ISI)
  2. Draft proposal of Ecodesign Regulation and/or Energy Energy Labelling Regulation for electric vehicles chargers (Fraunhofer ISI)
  3. Provide ad-hoc technical expertise (Provide ad-hoc technical expertise.)